Herding with "Sara"

LPI RLD N Alvskogens No Limit "Noah" & Hairdogs Sweet As Suger )


I always start with obedience training.. closer and closer to the pen..

sara8.jpg (99763 byte)
sara6.jpg (107324 byte)sara7.jpg (103966 byte)


Enter the pen, and start with leash on dog...

Then I let go of  the leash, when the dog shows a good attitude towards me and the sheep. 
Giving the dog some space and make sure she keeps a good distance and donīt "play" with the sheep.



This is bad attitude. Never bite a sheep in the behind. They canīt do more than turn there back to the dog, and should
never be punished for that. If you let the dog "play" with the sheep and let them bite them in the behind, the sheep will
never trust you, or the dog! They will always be prepared to protect themselves...




Here she`s keeping good distance, is cool and relaxed and just wonderful =) Sara <3

Thanks to Bosse Hellsten for this photos.